Thursday, 8 March 2012

Love in the simplest ways..

How does one really know if they're in love? Can love be measured by age, possibly days, maybe even just the looks you give to eachother? All of this comes across my mind every once in a while, and it makes me wonder. Or maybe, when we say things like "You haven't been dating long enough to be in love." We're just fooling ourselves, sure these things take time, and they do. I'm sure of it.. It's definitely not something at first sight, I believe that love at first sight is a myth, it would be implying that love is based almost completely on looks, we all know that's not true. Or at least I hope we do, anyways. As I was saying. Theses things take time, but sometimes not a lot. It could take a day of talking, an hour of silence. Maybe just walking around while you guys keep looking back at eachother, whatever it is. It's a wonderful thing, people wonder why we chase love around, I think it's just because it's the closest thing to magic that a human wild ever feel. Ta-ta for now!

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